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The StoneRidge Small-Mid Cap Growth Equity portfolio seeks to outperform small-mid capitalization benchmarks (typically the Russell 2500 Growth Index) and industry peers over a market cycle (3 – 5 year time horizon).

The equity investment process employed by StoneRidge Investment Partners has consistently relied upon a team of sector specialists performing intensive fundamental research. This bottom up, fundamental investment process is supported by a proprietary, multi-factor screening tool, the purpose of which is to narrow the scope of the investment universe. This quantitative tool also provides an objective analysis of our existing portfolio.

We begin with our proprietary quantitative tool which screens and then ranks the constituents of the Russell 2500 Growth Index with market capitalizations of at least $500 Million. In general, we focus on companies with market capitalizations below $10 billion, as the greatest inefficiencies often reside in this segment of the market. The goal of our screening tool is to narrow opportunities to a focused list of stocks that possess the characteristics most likely to lead to superior investment performance. Our screening tool is constructed around five broad factors that are critical to stock performance: earnings momentum, valuation, technical, accounting/financial condition and insider activity. Stocks are ranked relative to the entire universe and those companies with the most attractive combination of attributes are then subjected to in-depth fundamental research by our sector specialists.

The most important part of our process is analysis of potential investments by our sector specialists. Team members balance rigorous fundamental research, technical analysis and qualitative judgment as the basis for bottom up stock selection. We strive to maintain the most attractive portfolio by utilizing this dynamic stock selection process and by updating our proprietary screening tool every day. Our process enables us to keep pace with changes in the markets, monitor existing portfolio holdings and identify new investment opportunities.

Information is as of 06/30//2017
  Top Ten Holdings % of Portfolio
  Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. 2.8%
  OUTFRONT Media, Inc. 2.1%
  Red Rock Resorts, Inc. 2.0%
  Medicines Company 1.9%
  Nektar Therapeutics 1.7%
  TG Therapeutics, Inc. 1.6%
  First Hawaiian, Inc. 1.6%
  Coty Inc. 1.6%
  BGC Partners, Inc. 1.5%
  Endurance International 1.5%



All information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as a recommendation to buy the securities mentioned. The Top Ten Holdings chart is presented to illustrate the ten largest holdings, by market value, in the Small-Mid Cap Growth Equity strategy, as of June 30, 2017, and in which an individual portfolio might have been invested. It may not be representative of the strategy's current or future investments. There is no asurance that any of the stocks are currently held in the portfolio or will be purchased in the future. The stocks identified do not represent all of the investments held in the strategy and are presented as supplemental to the fully-compliant composite performance disclosure presentation. The strategy's top ten holdings may change at any time. It should not be assumed that any investment was or will be profitable. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. To request a complete list of all recommendations made within the past year, contact Kyle V Myers at